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^ Peach starting to scream after we entered the tunnel.

{I love that she’s lit just enough so you can see her expression (and know she’s in a tunnel!) but she glows from the light behind her.}

^ Fella is just NOT too sure about this!  ALMOST out…

Ahhh….love this one.  No cheeseball smiles…we get the real ones (I won’t tell you what I was doing for those!!!).

I’ve been playing around with a new(ish) lens…my 50mm 1.4.  Shooting “wide open” is producing some fun images, but it’s HARD!!!  Lots of room for error.   🙂  I love playing around with depth of field, especially in an image like the one above, where Fella is in focus and everything in front and behind him isn’t.  It really allows for creativity, which is pretty much WHY I do this!!!  With a couple switches in manual mode, this image could look totally different.    🙂  ~m

Oh…and did an actual “planned” photo shoot in 110 degree weather today (and that was 6pm!!!) with the kiddos.  Don’t worry, we had plenty of water (and FUN!).  Get ready for some COOLIO images tomorrow from our shoot…it’s different all right…vintage-inspired with lots of green and brown!!!!!  Hmmm…any guesses?

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